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The literature survey on the book's subject matter was made possible mainly through the untiring assistance of Ms. Birgit Humpeler of the Vorarlberger Landesbibliothek and Dr. Karl-Heinz Albrecht of the Feldkircher Stadtbibliothek. Without their help, and that of many of their colleagues, this work could not have been accomplished.

My English teacher, the late Mr. Richard D. Reynolds, who strove, up to his last days, to get this book project off the ground, was, to my deep regret, not able to receive these words of thanks and appreciation for his help.


However, it is to Mr. John E. Christensen that I owe the most gratitude.

His positive critiques founded upon a competent and inspiring commitment towards presenting this book in the clearest possible ways were of invaluable help for the work's completion. His contributions toward making this book easily readable and understandable cannot be appreciated highly enough.

No less valued are the considerable investments in time and resources, on the part of my son Bernhard, acting as the book's internet editor, and the technical assistance of my son Mathias, ensuring that the authentic pictorial key evidence on multiple sclerosis be here, for the first time, comprehensively presented as closely as possible to its original form.

© Dr. F. Alfons Schelling, M.D.